What is a Watch Winder and How Does it work

What is a Watch Winder and How Does it work

What is a Watch Winder?

People often ask me What is this Watch Winder thing you make and what is the point of it?

Do we need Watch Winders?

There are so many opinions out there, especially on the internet, Do you need a watch winder? So many things in life you can question, Do I need an electronic pepper grinder? Do I need a 625 horse power car when the speed limit is 70 mph? Do you really need so many of the things you own..... No, but thats not the point. We like nice things right? We buy nice things because we like them, because we can..... because we want to, they make our life easier, better or more simple.

A Watch Winder is exactly the same. Take the above image as an example, a man with lets say 9 Automatic Watches, can he wear them all at the same time? Maybe, but he would look pretty stupid.

These watches can have multiple complications, not only time, date, month even year but maybe a Moon Phase which shows how much of the moon is visible tonight. Can you imagine setting all of that on a watch before you put it on to go out? No me neither, so if you had 1 watch on your wrist, what do you do with the 8 that are not being worn? I know some of you will think its extreme, but believe me its not. Our best selling watch winder is not a 2 watch winder or even a single one, and we sell a lot of them.

Ok, so how does it work. Very simple, it gently rotates in variable rotation patterns throughout the day, pausing for set periods then turning again to simulate wrist movement and wind the main spring inside the watch movement. This keeps the watch running ready to wear when you need it. 

Watch Winder TPD Data Base

Manufacturers like Breitling, Cartier, Omega, Rolex and dozens more have publish recommended Turns Per Day (TPD for short) settings for owners to use as a guide when using a watch winder. Find yours here in our comprehensive TPD Database. 

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