Watch Winders with Auto Stop Function

Watch Winders with Auto Stop Function

Auto Stop Function

Our latest Watch Winders have many outstanding features but we think this one is the most convenient of them all. Just open the door when you want to grab a watch and the winder will automatically stop the rotors at the original set position, no need to fiddle around with switches or find a remote control. Just take the watch you want to wear off the watch holder, close the door and the watchwinder will then continue with its winding routine for the rest of the day. 

Crystal Series Watch Winders by Aevitas

360 Degree Watch Placement

The Crystal Series Watch Winders feature 360 Degree watch placement, so if you like your watches to all stop at 12 O'clock you can set them that way, equally you may like them to stop at a 45% angle, it's your choice, only our watch holders allow this. Your Watch Winder your choice.

We made a quick video to show the Auto Stop door opening function below, a very handy feature which we hope you will enjoy.

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