New Single Watch Winder in Carbon Fibre Perfect for Rolex Watches

New Single Watch Winder in Carbon Fibre Perfect for Rolex Watches

Single Watch Winder by Aevitas

Check it out. The new Carbon Fibre Single Watch Winder by Aevitas. Smart, Compact and Easy to use, this is ideal for people who collect automatic watches. Add another as your watch collection grows! 

 Aevitas Single Watch Winder in Carbon Fibre

Fits wrist sizes from 6 to 8 1/2 inches or 15.2 to 21.5 cm. Very versatile and will fit most people preset watch bracelets. If you have a pin buckle leather watch strap then its going to be fine as well. We have added the same spring loaded watch holder found in our Crystal Collection, our customers love this holder so why not. 

Aevitas Spring Loaded Watch Holder

The latest addition to the Aevitas Collection is this modular single watch winder. The first available with our new multi plug system. Add up to 6 watch winders running off just one power adaptor using our new multi winder adaptor cable. They can also run just as a simple stand alone unit running on mains with a single cable or battery. 

Aevitas Multi Plug Watch Winder Cable 

This one is Carbon Fibre finish and is complete with see through dust cover. Its virtually Silent so place it where ever you wish in the bedroom it will not wake you up. It also runs for 12 hours completing the set winding pattern you choose then rests for 12 hours, this is known as the sleep phase. To set it sleep whilst you are a sleep, simply plug it in at say 9 am and it will run until 9 pm and rest until 9 am again every day.

Power Options

Batteries are located in the base so you can tuck it away in safe or hide it somewhere even if there is no power point, it can still wind your watch. The mains power supply is a standard safety approved 3 volt power adaptor, just plug it in to the wall socket and that's it. It will be supplied with the correct type for the country we send unit to so it's usable worldwide.

Suitable for All Automatic Watches

We added really simple controls to the rear of the winder unit. Turns Per Day settings are pre programmed 650, 750, 850, 1000 or 1950 and either clockwise, counter clockwise or both directions. This will wind and and all automatic watches. Just check our TPD database to find out what setting you should use for your particular watch. Brands like Breitling, Cartier, Hublot, IWC, Omega and Rolex to name just a few will be perfectly happy in our Watchwinder.


As with all our new watch winders we offer a full 2 Year Guarantee, and after that expires, unlike so many of our competitors, we can maintain it for you as it has all replaceable components meaning for minimal cost it can be kept running for many years to come. Buy cheap by twice, Buy Aevitas for longer life!

Click here for more details and buy it online today. 

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