New Crystal Collection Watch Winders

New Crystal Collection Watch Winders

Crystal Watch Winder Carbon Fibre

The New Crystal Collection Watch Winder Arriving November 2020. Just in time for Christmas! Starting off with 4 sizes and in Carbon Fibre Finish only for now. Lets check them out starting with the smallest the 2 Watch Winder version. We have larger options available

Fantastic Value for money starting at £349.95 The New Crystal Collection Watch Winders are packed with features. With extra storage in the lid area for watch parts, watch straps and other jewellery items. Interior is lined with luxurious black velvet with contrasting chromed metal. Really eye catching! Great features include 12 O'clock stop so your watches look smartly presented when it stops rotating during rest periods. Just place the watch vertically and it will always stop in the same position.

New Crystal Collection Watch Winders watch holder accommodates large or small watch bracelets from 22cm down to 15cm and watch cases upto 70mm wide for those extra large watches on the market today. This will be perfect for 99% of people and their watches.

 Our new Touch Screen Control is both easy to operate and precise. Back lit with blue light it illuminates when touched or the door opens. New Crystal Collection Watch Winders are Pre programmed with 5 rotation patterns that will wind any and all automatic watches. "TPD" or Turns Per Day settings are 650, 750, 850, 1000 or 1950 winding direction is Clockwise, Counter Clockwise or Both Directions. We have built in a 12 hour rest period or "Sleep Phase" as its known. This is perfect for those of you who have the winder by your bed side and are light sleepers. Switch it on at 9 am in the morning and it will complete the required winding pattern by 9pm in the evening and rest all night, never disturbing your sleep. This automatically resumes every day. Opening the door will instantly stop the watch rotation so it can be removed easy without the need to turn the Watch Winder On and Off. There is also a bright LED light inside if you like your watches Illuminated.
Crystal Watch Winder Carbon Fibre Touch Screen

The New Crystal Collection Watch Winders for all your needs

       Features Include

  1. 12 O'clock Stop
  2. Storage Area in Lid
  3. Holds Watches upto 70mm Wide
  4. Watch Holder suits most wrist Sizes
  5. 12 Hour Sleep Cycle so yours will never be interrupted!
  6. Carbon Fibre Finish with Real Glass Door
  7. Auto Stop when Door Opened
Crystal Watch Winder Carbon Fibre Motor

The New Crystal Collection Watch Winders use the New Generation Mabuchi Motors are Super Strong and Reliable so we still offer our 2 Year Warranty despite the competitive Price Tag, where others offer just 12 months. Peace of mind, rest assured your watches are winding ready to wear when needed. 

Thank you for reading and do let us know if you need any more information.

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