The Culture Of Watches: How Wristwatches Remain Prominent In the 21st Century

The Culture Of Watches: How Wristwatches Remain Prominent In the 21st Century

Technology has advanced amazingly in the past few decades compared to any other period of known human history.


In relation to this, the watch has currently transformed into something that is akin to carrying a small computer on your wrist, such as the way it was when smartphones replaced normal phones when they entered the consumer market.


Even with this advancement, the traditional 2 handed wristwatch has not lost any popularity as the years have gone by, transforming into something more related to a fashion accessory, or inhabiting the value of a natural resource like diamonds.


Here’s a few ways on how wristwatches still remain important to today's society and culture:



 Rolex Watch

When wristwatches were entering the mainstream, an opportunity arose in terms of marketing. Premium quality watches. Brands like Rolex and Omega started making certain models that were above the standard market price, offering a more expensive option to people with greater wealth.


Because of this, watches entered an arrangement that’s similar to the housing and stock market. As some watches finished production, their inherent value rose due to the sudden limited number of models.


The Condition of the watch also factored into the process, meaning that watch owners had to take care of their watches to keep the inherent standard value.


This gave birth to specialized watch boxes and watch winders, to make sure the exterior is protected, and the internals remain lubricated and functional.



Fashion Watch 

Watches have taken on numerous forms to match the preferences of the wearer. Primary colours on the faceplate, different types of metal for the strap and multiple styles of the hands have led to a varied and expansive offering of wristwatches to suit the user.


Because of the wristwatches' prominence in fashion, budget watches have also used this to their advantage by using lower quality materials to expand the number of models on offer.


Casio are one of the many companies that offer cheap yet respectable models that enable a person to keep up appearances if their budget cannot accommodate the price tag that comes with premium watch companies.



 Casio Watch

Speaking of Casio, usability has also advanced tremendously, from simple two-handed watches to watches that improve the usage on every level.


A good example of a Casio watch would be the f-91w.


This watch is special for a multitude of reasons and is considered the staple of budget watches. It’s incredibly durable and can last for years, the battery can be easily replaced, it’s water resistant, has an alarm, a stopwatch, all for the price of an average £10.


It’s considered one of the most popular watches in modern society due to its features and price point.


Should I Buy A Watch?


Everybody is different in terms of their needs and wants, but watches can fill a gap that you didn’t know was there.


From becoming an investor item, enhancing your look or increasing the tools at your disposal, a watch will always remain a life enhancer.


Start with a simple budget watch and if it’s to your taste, consider upgrading later down the line. At £10, what have you got to lose?



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